Mjóifjörður (Ísafjarðardjúp)

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Bridge over the Mjóifjörður

Bridge over the Mjóifjörður

Waters Ísafjarðardjúp
Land mass Iceland
Geographical location 65 ° 49 ′  N , 22 ° 39 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 49 ′  N , 22 ° 39 ′  W
Mjóifjörður (Iceland)
width 2 km
length 18 km
Tributaries Bessadalsá

The Mjóifjörður is a fjord in the Westfjords of Iceland .

The fjord is located in Ísafjarðardjúp and rightly bears its name Narrow Fjord , it is only 2 km wide and extends 18 km into the country. The island of Hrútey lay in the fjord. Now the Eyasund from the west is closed with a dam on which the Djúpvegur S61 runs. A 127 m long bridge was built from the island to the east in 2009. The Mjóafjarðarvegur runs around the fjord, where most of the farms have now been abandoned T633. It has no solid surface, is almost 38 km long and was part of the Djúpvegur before the bridge was built.

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