Montes Riphaeus

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Montes Riphaeus
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Montes Riphaeus
Montes Riphaeus (moon equatorial region)
Montes Riphaeus
position 7.48 °  S , 27.6 °  W Coordinates: 7 ° 28 ′ 48 ″  S , 27 ° 36 ′ 0 ″  W.
diameter 190 km
Named after Ripples
See also Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

Montes Riphaeus ( Latin for "Riphae Mountains") is a rugged mountain range on the Earth's moon .

It is located on the western resp. north-western edge of Mare Cognitum at the southeast end of Oceanus Procellarum . The ridge runs mainly from north to northeast or from north-northeast to south-southwest.

The mountain range is located at the geographic coordinates 7.7 ° S, 28.1 ° W. The diameter is 190 km. About 100 km north is the Lansberg crater .

It is named after an ancient mountain range that is not reliably localized, see Riphee .

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