Silver tree-like

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Silver tree-like
Oriental plane tree (Platanus orientalis)

Oriental plane tree ( Platanus orientalis )

Empire : Plants (Plantae)
Department : Vascular plants (tracheophyta)
Subdivision : Seed plants (Spermatophytina)
Class : Bedecktsamer (Magnoliopsida)
Order : Silver tree-like
Scientific name

The silver tree-like (Proteales) are an order of the flowering plants (Magnoliopsida).


The representatives of the Proteales are very different. What they have in common is seeds with little or no endosperm . The ovules are often atropic. The gynoeceum is not fused ( chorikarp ). The stamens show a noticeable apical extension of the connective. The flowers are often twofold.


The proteales are fairly basal within the eudicotyledons within the covering plants . The togetherness of the three contained families was only recognized through molecular genetic studies, as they have few common features.

The order of the silver tree-like includes three families with a total of 82 genera and 1610 species:

Individual evidence

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