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The textbook of botany , up to and including the 35th edition of the textbook of botany for universities , in short " Der Strasburger ", is a standard work of botany . The short name was chosen after its founder, the Bonn botany professor Eduard Strasburger (1844–1912). With the 37th edition (2014) the work was renamed Textbook of Plant Science.


Shortly after the first edition was published in 1894, the book became the “Botanists' Bible” in the German-speaking world. The plant still enjoys this reputation today. The book has been translated into several languages.

Strasburger wrote the first edition together with his Bonn colleagues Fritz Noll , Heinrich Schenck and Andreas Franz Wilhelm Schimper . This tradition - four university professors who changed over time wrote the texts that dealt with all aspects of botany from cell theory to plant geography - lasted for over 100 years. The book was therefore also known as the “four-man book”.

In 1958 the 27th edition with a volume of 694 pages and 952 illustrations ("figures") - for the most part black and white drawings - was reworked by the university professors Dietrich von Denffer (Giessen), Franz Firbas (Göttingen), Richard Harder (Göttingen) and Walter Schumacher (Bonn).

In the 35th edition (2002) the area previously worked on by Friedrich Ehrendorfer was split up between two new authors: Joachim W. Kadereit took over the areas of evolution and seed plant systematics and Christian Körner took over the area of ​​ecology. The physiology part was rewritten by Elmar Weiler .

With the 36th edition (2008), Peter Sitte retired for reasons of age; the structural part was taken over by Gunther Neuhaus . Uwe Sonnewald took over the physiology part . The title was changed to Textbook of Botany . In the 37th edition published in 2014, Benedikt Kost from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg replaced Gunther Neuhaus. At the same time the title was changed to Strasburger - Textbook of Plant Sciences. This corresponds to the increasing use of the term "plant science" for "botany" in the academic context in the German-speaking world.


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