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Andreas Bresinsky (born January 19, 1935 in Tallinn ) is a German professor of botany . Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Bresinsky ".


Andreas Bresinsky studied biology , chemistry and soil science at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . In 1973 he was appointed to a chair in botany at the University of Regensburg . He was also director of the university's botanical garden. After his retirement in 2001, Peter Poschlod succeeded him at the Department of Botany at the University of Regensburg. However, Bresinsky is still active in research. From 1974 to 1999 he was chairman and since 1999 he has been honorary chairman of the Regensburg Botanical Society .

Bresinsky gained particular fame through his collaboration on the standard biological work Strasburger -Lehrbuch der Botanik.

Bresinsky's main research interests in botany are evolution, diversity and the relationship of higher fungi.

Dedication names

Boletus bresinskyanus Garrido 1988. The Chilean mycologist Norberto Garrido from the southern beech forests of Chile described this large boletus . Garrido studied with Bresinsky and received his doctorate with the grade "summa cum laude". After completing his doctorate, Garrido accompanied his doctoral supervisor on a botanical-mycological study trip to Chile.
Schizopora bresinskyi Langer 2000. Hoppea 61: 230 (2000)

honors and awards

  • Honorary Chairman of the Regensburg Botanical Society


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