Movimento Democrático Brasileiro (1966)

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The Movimento Democrático Brasileiro (German Brazilian Democratic Movement ), or MDB for short , was a political party in Brazil . It had no clear programmatic orientation, but served as a collecting basin for all forces that saw themselves as opposition to the Brazilian military dictatorship.


After the Brazilian military came to power in 1964, all existing parties were banned, but unlike in most other Latin American dictatorships, no one-party system was installed. Instead, the new rulers established a two-party system with the Aliança Renovadora Nacional (ARENA) as the governing party and the MDB as the opposition party. However, the balance of power between these parties was asymmetrical and the MDB had no chance to replace ARENA as the ruling party.

Although the MDB also comprised liberals and conservatives , it was most strongly influenced by social democrats . When the military dissolved the two-party system in 1979, many leftists migrated to the newly formed Partido dos Trabalhadores . The remnants of the MDB were absorbed by the successor organization Partido do Movimento Democrático Brasileiro , which decided at the 2017 National Convention to reassume the previous name.

The party colors were red, black, white.


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