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An Oral Screen (MVP) (according to Hinz) is a loose, pacifier-like plate that is mostly used on children. It is supposed to help to get rid of sucking on the thumb or pacifier. MVPs are also used to strengthen the mouth and jaw muscles, for example in the so-called " Down syndrome ".

Different types and sizes

The oral vestibule plates are produced in various types and sizes and, with the exception of the "Stoppi weaning teat", are only available from specialist retailers or from dentists / orthodontists.


  • MVP-S: The standard oral atrial plate is mostly used to get rid of sucking on the thumb (rigid).
  • MVP-ES: The elastic MVP is mostly used to break the habit of sucking on the pacifier .
  • MVP-K: MVP with bite coping when the lower jaw is back, the lower jaw is guided forward through the coping, this prevents the plate from "tilting" (rigid).
  • MVP-EK: elastic MVP with cap
  • MVP-Z: Oral atrium plate with tongue grid, if a so-called " open bite " has already formed to prevent the tongue from being placed between the teeth (rigid).
  • MVP-P: MVP with what is known as a "stimulation bead" that guides the tongue to the palate (rigid). It is mostly used in so-called Down syndrome.


Oral vestibular plates are available in 2 sizes:

  • Size I (red ring) is in the primary dentition used
  • Size II (blue ring) is used in interchangeable or permanent teeth.

Open bite

An open bite can form through constant suckling (using every opportunity to suckle). You can recognize it by the fact that the front teeth no longer bite each other, and nibbling on fingernails or biting off bread is very difficult with an open bite, depending on how pronounced it is.

Special forms and types

There are also special designs and individually designed oral vestibules. These include the following:

Oral atrial plate with pressure indicator

The oral vestibule with pressure indicator (also called snore pacifier) ​​can help with sleep disorders or protect against the harmful (with longer breathing pauses) snoring . This special oral vestibule is larger than the normal MVPs and also has a so-called "pressure indicator" that shows the correct fit should, equipped.

Individual oral vestibule

The individual oral vestibule plate is a specially adapted oral vestibule plate that has been individually adapted to the conditions in the patient's mouth.

Stoppi weaning teat

The Stoppi weaning teat is an oral vestibule that was specially made for children from 2 years of age. It has a yellow ring, an elastic plate made of silicone and a bite bar for the teeth. This MVP is intended to serve as a dummy replacement for children and to support the healthy development of the jaw. It is also available in pharmacies.

Oral vestibule plate "Ulm model"

The "Ulmer Modell" oral vestibule is made entirely of silicone and is also available in 2 sizes:

  • Size 1: Mini (up to school age)
  • Size 2: Maxi (from school age and adults)

Oral brace

An oral brace is an individually adapted oral brace-like plate.