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Muse software
legal form Private
founding 1978
resolution 1986
Reason for dissolution insolvency
Seat Maryland , United StatesUnited StatesUnited States 
Branch Software development

Muse Software , also known as Micro Users Software Exchange , was a software and computer game developer in the early 1980s.

Company history

Their offer was aimed at the first generation of home computers , initially the Apple II , later also the Commodore 64 , Atari home computers and the IBM PC .

Muse was founded in 1978 by Ed Zaron and Silas Warner and only published games later and application software . The company closed in 1987 due to marketing problems . A few years later id Software bought the rights to Castle Wolfenstein to develop a successor, Wolfenstein 3D , the first first-person shooter that made this genre famous.

Publications (selection)


Application software

  • Super Text ( word processor , Ed Zaron )
  • Appilot
  • The Voice (voice recording and playback, Silas S. Warner, Apple II)
  • Know Your Apple IIe (1983, Tutorial for the Apple), Silas S. Warner, Apple II)
  • The Eating Machine (Nutritionist, Apple II)

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