Music band Villnöß

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Music band Villnöß

The Musikkapelle Villnöß is a wind orchestra from St. Peter in Villnöß ( South Tyrol , Italy ). The band has around 83 members and has been musically led by Kapellmeister Hans Pircher since 2014. In 1999 the band successfully took part in the Austrian Federal Brass Music Competition in Feldkirchen (Carinthia) .


The chapel was first mentioned in a document in 1801. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new Peter and Paul Church, a small brass band from the valley took part. These and other mentions, such as invoices for instrument purchases and musical accompaniments for church events, can be found in the entries in the Villnöss parish archive and indicate the continued existence of the group.

The chapel traditionally organizes an annual spring concert on Easter Sunday.


  • Festive fanfares , LP / CD 1987
  • With music around the world , MC / CD, 1996
  • Festival concert for the anniversary , CD, 2001
  • The most beautiful marches , CD, 2011


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