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Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Up close
  DE 20th 02/04/1985 (11 weeks)
  AT 20th 03/15/1985 (8 weeks)
I'll build you a castle
  DE 33 06/21/1982 (14 weeks)
Longing (Purple Schulz and the New Home)
  DE 6th 12/10/1984 (22 weeks)
  AT 20th 03/15/1985 (8 weeks)
  CH 6th 03/10/1985 (9 weeks)

Neue Heimat was a band of the Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW), which was founded in 1981 by singers Wolf Maahn , Klaus Heuser ( BAP ), Didi Maaz and Rich Schwab (both Schroeder Roadshow ) to create a cover version of the Heintje hit Ich bau 'dir to record a castle in the NDW sound, which was released as a single on the Hamburg record label Metronome Musik . The band name goes back to the housing company Neue Heimat , which was involved in a massive financial scandal at the time.


Because the musicians did not want to continue the project despite the success of the single, the subsequent album Die Höte was recorded by Purple Schulz , Josef Piek, Dieter Hoff (drums), Freddy Böhmer (keyboard) and Hagü Schmitz (bass).

After the two initially only moderately successful albums Die Harte und Hautnah , which were released by Metronome Musik, the band split up in October 1984 when keyboardist Freddy Böhmer and bassist Hagü Schmitz left the band. Shortly thereafter, the third single from the album Hautnah , Sehnsucht entered the charts. In the wake of this success, the album Hautnah still sold very well.

The singer Purple Schulz received a record deal with EMI and then released the album Verliebte Jungs and other albums under his own name , which he recorded with the remaining Neue Heimat members Josef Piek and Dieter Hoff.

Discography (albums)

  • The Hardship (1982)
  • Hautnah (1983) (was later also sold as von Purple Schulz and the Neue Heimat )

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