Nina (city)

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Nina (also Nina-Siraran , Nimin and Nimin-Siraran ) was a Sumerian city ​​near present-day Surghul.

Until the founding of the state of Lagasch by Ur-Nansche , Nina seems to have been an independent city-state. Since the merger with the namesake Lagasch and the most important city of the federal government, the seat of government Girsu , in the middle of the 3rd millennium BC. Chr. Were the three cities for about 500 years, a unit. To commemorate the founding of the state, ship processions were held at important celebrations of the gods on a canal that led from Girsu via Lagasch to Nina. The canal had the significant name canal that leads to Nina . The gods of the three cities were also adapted and merged during this period. Nina orientated herself here on Eridu . Nina's city goddess was Nansche .

Individual evidence

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