3rd millennium BC Chr.

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Overview map of the global situation at the end of the 3rd millennium BC Chr .; Color-coded according to cultural differentiation.
  • Hunters and collectors
  • nomadic pastoralists
  • simple peasant societies
  • complex agricultural societies ( Ancient Orient , Bronze Age in Europe , Xia Dynasty , Pre-Columbian cultures in the Andes )
  • state-organized societies ( fertile crescent , Minoan culture , Indus culture , Norte Chico culture )
  • The red outline shows the extent of the Bronze Age at that time.

    The 3rd millennium BC Chr. Describes the period from 3000 BC. Until 2000 BC This began in Central Europe from the 22nd century BC. Chr. The Bronze Age , which as far as the 8th century BC. Chr. Was enough.



    Construction period of the pyramids of Giza around 2620 to 2500 BC Chr.

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