Umma (city)

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Coordinates: 31 ° 37 ′ 17 ″  N , 45 ° 56 ′ 0 ″  E

Relief Map: Iraq
Umma (city)

Umma was a Sumerian city ​​in southern Mesopotamia . Umma is primarily known for its long-lasting military conflicts with Lagasch .

Its ruins ( Tell Jokha ) have never been scientifically investigated. Knowledge of Umma - a city with its own local Umma calendar - therefore only results from the evaluation of the archives of neighboring cities, especially from the warring Lagasch. Umma rulers at this time (around 2400 BC) were Ur-Lumma and Il , the ruler of Zabalam . It can be assumed that Tell Jokha was the subject of extensive robbery excavations in the recent past.

Umma briefly entered the center of power politics in Sumer when his high priest Lugalzagisi large parts of Sumer - u. a. Ur , Uruk , Lagasch - subjugated. He took up his residence in Uruk. His rule was ended by Sargon . The rulership became part of the Akkad Empire .

Empire of Umma around 2350 BC Chr. (Archaeological :: Early Dynastic III a / b 2600–2450 / 2340 BC)

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