8th century BC Chr.

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The 8th century BC Chr. Began on January 1 v 800th And ended on December 31, 701 BC. Chr.

Age / Epoch

  • The Olmecs in Central America set up the first urban centers
  • Classic period of early Mexican city-states such as Tlatilco and Cuicuilco

Events / developments

Middle East

Sargon II and a dignitary

Mediterranean area

The Capitoline wolf suckles the boys Romulus and Remus
The blind Homer is led ( William Adolphe Bouguereau , 1874)


  • 771 BC BC: Incursion of the Early Huns ( turuk ) into China , end of the Western Zhou dynasty .
  • 770 BC BC: With the accession of King Ping of Zhou to the throne, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty begins in China.
  • 763 BC Chr., June 8th: The daily recording of a solar eclipse in the eponym list enables the merging of the Chinese calendar of that time and today's calendar down to the day.

Central Europe


Individual evidence

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  4. In the specialist literature usually given as June 15 . However, according to the proleptic Julian calendar, the date is 763 BC. Calculated. In direct comparison, the beginning of spring fell on March 28th. In conversion to today's Gregorian calendar , 7 days must therefore be deducted. The result is June 8th. Calculations according to Jean Meeus: Astronomical Algorithms - Applications for Ephemeris Tool 4,5 - , Barth, Leipzig 2000 and Ephemeris Tool 4,5 conversion program .

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