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The Austrian Music Lexicon was published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Philosophical-Historical Class).

It comprises 5 volumes with almost 2800 pages and 7474 key words on all current and historical topics of Austrian music and musical life. In addition to biographies of composers, librettists, conductors, instrumentalists, singers, dancers, choreographers, theater directors, instrument makers, music publishers, musicologists and music critics, there are also numerous articles on ensembles, bands, associations, instruments, musical forms, customs, dances, theaters, monasteries, Cities, record labels and publishers included. In addition to “classical” music, folk music, light music, jazz, hits and rock / pop also take up a lot of space. Not only today's Austria, but also parts of the Habsburg Monarchy that belong to other states today are taken into account.

The lexicon was published by the musicologist Rudolf Flotzinger with four permanent employees of the Commission for Music Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with numerous domestic and foreign scholars. From 2002 one volume appeared annually. In 2008 a register on CD-ROM with around 21700 names, 4500 locations and 5800 keywords was published for the Austrian Music Lexicon.

An online version offered at the same time started with the complete article inventory of the print edition, but is continuously corrected and expanded. The text of the articles has been available online free of charge since 2013, some additional functions are subject to a charge.

Volumes published

The entire work was published by the publishing house of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna 2002–05, ISBN 3-7001-3041-4 .

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  1. Austrian with Oe is the spelling of the print and online editions.