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The POS Marketing Report is a combined consumer and retail survey. The study is carried out by the agency group UGW - the marketing experts. It was first published in 1998 and has been reprinted annually since then. From 2006 to 2018, the journal Lebensmittel Zeitung was a co-author of the study.



The subjects of the study are the determination of the effectiveness of marketing measures at the POS and the creation of orientation aids for sales promotion in the food trade. The POS Marketing Report is aimed primarily at planners and decision-makers in marketing, trade marketing and sales in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector . UGW conducts a consumer and trade survey on this every year.

The consumer survey analyzes the behavior of consumers before and during shopping. For example, around 700 consumers in the German grocery trade including drugstores were surveyed in 2017. The surveys were carried out in front of hypermarkets, hypermarkets , supermarkets and drug stores in Germany. The aim of the consumer survey is to gain knowledge about the choice of shopping locations, shopping planning and also the perception and use of sales promotions and other in-store measures. The study once again focused on the differentiation between private label and branded goods .

The trade survey looks at the current competitive situation, marketing strategies and sales promotion instruments. For this purpose, a total of 302 decision-makers (central retail manager and store manager) from the food trade in Germany were surveyed in 2016. The survey is intended to provide information on success factors in sales promotion measures, preferred POS media, the importance of sales promotion instruments such as customer loyalty programs , bonuses or coupons, and other marketing strategies such as personal promotions.

Cooperation partner

The results from the POS marketing reports flow into the promotion tool ProMap and the German promotion database ProBar from UGW. Current promotional news and statistics are also commented directly on a monthly basis in the industry magazine LZ .

Study initiators

UGW - the marketing experts (formerly "Unternehmens-Gruppe Wiesbaden") is a non-listed stock corporation . The agency group consists of the four service areas Consulting, Communication, Selling and Distribution (Colibri Beauty GmbH). In the ranking of independent, owner-managed advertising agencies published in 2018, the UGW agency group came in 10th.

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