Państwowa Komunikacja Samochodowa

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Autosan A1010M "Medium" - PKS Katowice

Państwowa Komunikacja Samochodowa , in short: PKS (German: State Automobile Traffic) was a state-owned motor transport company in the People's Republic of Poland . Between 1946 and 1990, the PKS operated both the entire intercity bus service and the national road haulage in Poland with its blue and white vehicles .


The PKS was established by law on January 16, 1946. From 1960, PKS motor transport companies came into being, which were subordinate to the respective Województwo . In 1990, 176 independent companies were spun off from the formerly state-owned companies, and sub-companies were privatized or dissolved. In 2011 there were still 147 companies that now bear the name Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Samochodowej (Automobile Transport Company ).

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