Pasuchin's death

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Title: Pasuchin's death
Original title: Смерть Пазухина
Genus: Comedy in four acts
Original language: Russian
Author: Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
Publishing year: 1857
Premiere: 1889
Place of premiere: Kharkov
Place and time of the action: Krutogorsk, present
  • Old Pasuchin , 75 years old
  • Prokofi Ivanych , his son, 55 years
  • Mawra Grigorievna , his wife, 20 years
  • Vasilisa Parfentyevna , her mother, 50 years
  • Furnachev , city councilor, 55 years old
  • Nastasja Ivanovna , Furnachev's wife, 30 years old
  • Lobastov , an old general, friend of Pasuchin's, sixty
  • Shiwnowski , an old soldier , 50 years old
  • Bayev , old Pasuchin's mentor
  • Anna Petrovna Shivoyedova , housekeeper for old Pasuchin, 40 years old

Pasuchin's Death ( Russian Смерть Пазухина ) is a four-act comedy by Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin . It was printed in 1857, but could not be premiered until 1889.


Old Pasuchin, who once rose from farmer to millionaire, is dying. His relatives and relatives are waiting for him to die in order to secure the inheritance in whole or in part. Pasuchin's son Prokofi Ivanytsch, who is at odds with his father, fears that he will be passed over. He therefore tries to persuade his brother-in-law, the hypocritical city councilor Furnachev, to intrigue with him in order to obtain the inheritance with certainty. But Furnachev rejects him and even reveals his plans to old Pasuchin in the presence of all relatives.

When old Pasuchin actually dies, Furnachev sets out to raid the deceased's safe. But he is caught and Prokofi Ivanytsch takes revenge on him by humiliating him in front of everyone.

One of the characters (Shiwnowski) addresses the audience at the end: “Добродетель… тьфу бишь! порок наказан, а добродетель… да где ж тут добродетель-то! "(" Virtue ... um, no, vice is punished, but virtue ... where is virtue? ")

In the course of the play, a comet is mentioned several times that is approaching the earth and that superstitious merchants perceive as a danger, while Nastasja Ivanovna says: “Да уж хоть бы комета, что ли, - скука какая!” (“I wish it were really a comet or something - it's so boring! ")

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