Penalty (ice hockey)

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Goal scored by penalty (2010 World Cup Russia versus Denmark)

A penalty , [ ˈpɛnl̩tɪ ] ( listen ? / I ) ( English for penalty or penalty kick ), in ice hockey is a penalty for a foul shortly before a possible shot on goal. To execute the penalty, the fouled player may drive away from the center of the ice rink alone towards the opposing goalkeeper. If the fouled player is injured, the captain will designate an unpunished player who was on the ice at the time of the rule violation who will take the penalty shot. He may "shoot" the puck exactly once at the goal. The penalty fulfills a similar task as the penalty kick in football, but the chances of success from the shooter's perspective are much lower. The goal is much smaller than that in football and a large part is covered by the goalkeeper and his equipment. Audio file / audio sample

Penalties are only issued in ice hockey if an attacking player approaches the goalie with the controlled puck outside his own defensive zone, no longer has an opposing defender to play around and in this "break situation" an opposing player hooked or hooked him from behind Is tripped. If he misses a promising opportunity to score as a result, the innocent team will be awarded a penalty. All other fouls are penalized with time, disciplinary and match penalties.

Technical gate

If there is no goalkeeper in the goal at the time of the break, the referee can award the innocent team a technical goal .


In addition to sanctioning fouls, penalties are used to decide an ice hockey game that is tied after regular time and possibly extra time . In this shootout (also Shootout or shoot-out ), should be by each team of three or five shooters, depending on the league or tournament determines which alternately come into play. Players who have received a penalty time that extends beyond the end of the game during the game are not allowed to take part in the penalty shootout.

Individual evidence

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