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The Polski Słownik Biograficzny (PSB) ( Polish Biographical Dictionary ) is the most comprehensive national biography in Poland . It contains more than 27,000 articles in alphabetical order about personalities associated with Poland. The recorded period extends from the 9th century to the year of death in 2000. 52 volumes have appeared since 1935 (as of 2020).

Publisher, status and scope

The PSB is published by the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Scholarship . In 2020 the 53rd volume ("Tau-") began with delivery 216. The publication of the last volume is announced for 2030. The appearance of the main series is to be followed by supplements that deal with people who have not been considered so far and those with a death date after 2000.

So far only printed editions are available. A Polish-language internet presence is called iPSB. It is selective and out of date.


The initiative for the PSB came from the historian Władysław Konopczyński , who presented the project in 1921 and became the first chief editor of the dictionary in 1931. First, the edition principles were defined. The first volumes appeared in 1935. During the German occupation of Poland, work on Volume 5 was interrupted; Konopczyński was sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp . He survived, resumed work, published Volumes 5 and 6, but was forced to resign by the Communists in 1949 .

Volume 7 remained unfinished until 1958 when Kazimierz Lepszy was appointed chief editor after the end of Stalinism . He was followed by Emanuel Rostworowski in 1964 and Henryk Markiewicz in 1989 . He endeavored to repair the damage done to the work by the communist censorship with additions and corrections. Supplements to Volumes 1 to 40 appeared in 2001 as a delivery for Volume 40, mainly about people from the Polish underground during the occupation and about the emigrants of that time. Andrzej Romanowski has been the main editor since 2003 .

To date, around 4,000 experts from many disciplines have participated in the PSB and have written more than 27,000 biographies.

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