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Polskie Radio 1 , short PR1, full name Polskie Radio Program Pierwszy [ ˈpɔlskʲɛ ˈradjɔ ˈprɔgram ˈpjɛrfʃɨ ] (German: 'Polish Radio First Program') or Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia [ ˈprɔgram ˈpjɛrfʃɨ] pˈlsk program of the Polish radio pˈlsk '), also known as Jedynka [ jɛˈdɨnka ] ( Eng .' The One '), is the first program of the Polish public broadcasting corporation called Polskie Radio .

It went on air on April 18, 1926.

The main contents of PR1 are:

  • political comments and discussions
  • Short messages
  • Reports on events from art, music, literature, theater, painting
  • Live broadcasts from concerts and music competitions
  • Reports on current topics
  • Documentation on historical topics
  • half to one hour news programs
  • modern as well as pop music
  • Adult entertainment with celebrity guests
  • Radio soaps
  • Popular science information broadcasts
  • demanding night program

The station is broadcast nationwide via VHF frequencies (including the 87.5 that is not approved as a band limit in Germany) and can be received throughout Europe via the long-wave frequency of 225 kHz (especially at night). The transmitter is located in Solec Kujawski , previously it was Konstantynów .

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