Pedestal (heraldry)

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In heraldry, a pedestal is an ornamental or nature-based basic element on which the coat of arms rests and the shield holder .

It is one of the gems , but is not directly explained in detail in the blazon (description of the coat of arms). The pedestal or console , as it is also called, only receives a small mention when it comes to the stand of the sign holder .

Often these prior documents are decorated with climbing plants, or the loop with the crest devise is draped bulky. The representation of lawns (coats of arms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) or other stand areas is also possible in coats of arms. The lawn is tinged with green and was unknown in older heraldry. He has taken over the function of the three-legged especially in the coat of arms . Even the loop for the motto is chosen. It is only important that the shield-bearing figures do not stand freely in the room. In the case of large, complete German coats of arms , the coat of arms is not part of it , but the coat of arms tent .

Foreign coats of arms are similar to the German model if the history of heraldry can be traced back to the same roots. Otherwise large deviations are to be expected.