Presidium (court)

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The Presidium is an independent judicial self-governing body that exists in Germany at all courts . The self-administration takes into account the judicial independence laid down in Art. 97 GG . Regulations on the Presidium can be found in §§ 21a – e of the Courts Constitution Act (GVG).

The presidium consists of the president of the court or the supervising judge and a number of other judges, which varies according to the size of the court and who are elected by the court's judges. In the case of small local courts , the presidium consists of all eligible judges.

According to § 21e GVG, the Presidium determines the composition of the panel , regulates representation and distributes the business. This is done in a business distribution plan that is decided in advance each year. This satisfies the constitutional requirement of the legal judge . The business distribution plan can be viewed by anyone in the court. Some courts can also be viewed on the Internet.