Prince Edward Island Progressive Conservative Party

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Prince Edward Island
Progressive Conservative Party
Basic data
Founding year: 1851
Alignment: conservatism
Party leader: Dennis King
President: Charles Blue

The Prince Edward Island Progressive Conservative Party is a conservative party in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island . As is usual with regional parties in Canada, it is only loosely connected to the parent party at the federal level, the Conservative Party of Canada . The party leader is Dennis King , who has been the provincial head of government since the 2019 elections. In the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island , the party holds 13 of the 27 seats.

Since it was founded in 1851, the Progressive Conservatives (until 1942 referred to as the Conservative Party ) have been the only party alongside the Liberals that provided government at the provincial level. There are only a few differences between the two parties: Both are positioned in the middle of the political spectrum, with the conservatives tending to the right on individual issues and the liberals tending to the left. Traditionally, the conservatives are more likely to find supporters among Protestants and in the east of the island, while the liberals are more likely to find their supporters among Catholics and French- speaking Acadians in the west of the island. As is common in the rest of the Atlantic provinces , the Conservatives of Prince Edward Island are less right-wing than the federal party.

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