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A project manual describes all the standards required for a specific project.

According to DIN 69905, a project manual is the

Compilation of information and regulations that should apply to the planning and implementation of a specific project .

A project manual contains (in contrast to the project management manual ) specific information and regulations applicable to a particular project. In this regard, a project manual is the application of the procedures and methods described in the PM manual to a project.

A project manual should also be written briefly and concisely and only contain the information that is really necessary. Particular attention must be paid to the careful delimitation from the project documentation . It is also not necessary to repeat all of the information from the project management manual. References to the relevant parts of the PM manual are sufficient.

Possible contents of a project manual could u. a. be:

  • Project goals to be achieved
  • Responsibilities and employees in the project
contact details
contact details
Description of their roles and stakes in the project
  • Standards, norms and guidelines
  • Content framework
  • Specifications for reporting
  • Specifications for the project documentation
  • Specifications for project communication
  • Information on any groupware used
quick start Guide
Description of the filing system in the groupware

On the one hand, the project manual serves as a guide for all project participants through the agreements for a specific project and, on the other hand, is suitable as a reference for different points of view between the client and the project team or project management .

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