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Project goals are the establishment of quantified requirements that must be met so that a project can be regarded as successfully completed.


A clear and realistic definition of the project objective should be worked out in the project definition and be part of the project mandate . It is important to ensure that the solution is not given. At the end of a project, the project objective is compared with the project result . DIN 69901-5: 2009-01 defines the project goal as the “totality of individual goals that are achieved by the project”. The project goals are also documented in the project manual so that they are available to the entire project team.

It is important that the project manager records the project's goals in writing and coordinates them with all those involved (active stakeholders).

Conflicts of objectives are to be avoided, i. H. different project goals must fit together .

In the international environment, the binding nature of the project objectives (objectives) is not as high as in the German-speaking environment. A distinction should be made here between the project mandate and the project contract, or the expectations must be precisely clarified.

In general, a distinction is made between different target types.

Procedural objectives

The project goal usually contains statements on all three points of the magic triangle :

  • Content (quality),
  • time and
  • costs

In companies with a high proportion of specialist knowledge, the three procedural goals of content, time and costs are sometimes supplemented by people. This expresses that certain employees are required for a successful project completion.

Results targets

Results targets mostly relate to the use of the project product (the car drives over 280 km / h. Sales increase by 10% by 2017. etc.).

Process goals

New findings show that part of the subjective project success is seen by the client when he can identify with the project processes and perceives that he is taken seriously as a stakeholder .


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