Publius Postumius Tubertus

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Publius Postumius Tubertus is named as consul in 505 and 503 BC. Led. His father was Quintus Postumius Tubertus; he belonged to the patrician sex of the Postumier.

His counterparts were 505 Marcus Valerius (Volusus) and 503 Agrippa Menenius Lanatus . The ancient historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus leads him as the victor at Lake Regillus over the Latins and counts him among the ten envoys to the emigrated Roman plebs in 493 BC. BC Cicero's statement, which puts the death of Postumius in the year of his second consulate, is considered more credible.

Only one descendant with the same cognom is attested: Aulus Postumius Tubertus . He appeared on the political stage 70 years later and could be Publius' grandson or great-grandson.


Individual evidence

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