Quintus Postumius Lepidinus

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Quintus Postumius Lepidinus was a member of the Roman knighthood ( Eques ) living in the 3rd century AD .

An inscription dated 201/250 proves that Lepidinus was prefect of a cavalry unit ( praefectus equitum ); the unit is likely to have been the Ala I Thracum Veterana , which was stationed in the province of Pannonia Inferior at the time.


  1. On the tombstone only the rank, but not the name of the unit that Lepidinus commanded, is given. Both John EH Spaul and Zsolt Mráv assume that Lepidinus commanded the Ala I Thracum Veterana , as the tombstone was found near Campona Fort , where the Ala was presumably stationed.

Individual evidence

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