Quintus Sanquinius Maximus

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Quintus Sanquinius Maximus was a Roman politician and senator of the 1st century AD.

As consular in 32, Sanquinius defended the consuls of the previous year, Lucius Fulcinius Trio and Publius Memmius Regulus , decisively against the attacks of Decimus Haterius Agrippa . Trio, a follower of Sejan , and Regulus had argued and threatened each other with charges during their consulate. During a trial Agrippa asked why they, who had threatened each other with charges, were now silent. Thereupon Sanquinius asked the Senate not to add to the emperor's worries by looking for additional offenses. So he obtained an acquittal for Regulus and a postponement of his fall for Trio.

Sanquinius held his second suffect consulate in 39 and at the same time the city ​​prefecture , which he held until about 41. He was appointed legate of Lower Germany by Emperor Claudius , where he died before 47.



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