Pointing backwards

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Andalusians in reverse

The rein back is a basic exercise in the English riding style and Western style . The horse walks backwards with the legs diagonally opposite. When riding off-road, it can be helpful if a horse can be directed backwards.


English riding style
First the horse has to be stopped ( whole parade ). Then the reins are picked up ( shortened ) to prevent the horse from going forward. Now the lower legs are used to help propel them forward and a steady rein encourages them to step backwards. If the horse runs backwards, the reins must be yielded with every step , otherwise the horse will resist.
Western style
The reins are picked up again and driven with the lower legs. As soon as the horse starts running backwards, he is given more reins. Western riding is more backward-looking. The horses also have to prove their ability in backwards judging at western tournaments (discipline reining ).


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