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Radio Australia ( RA ) is the overseas service of the Australian broadcaster Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).


The station was founded in 1939 in response to Japanese and German war propaganda. It has been broadcasting from Shepparton, Victoria since 1944.

After the service had been steadily expanded in the 1970s and 1980s, it has been increasingly restricted for political reasons since the early 1990s.

In 1990 shortwave broadcasts for Europe were stopped.

At the beginning of June 2013 it was announced that Radio Australia will be dissolved as an independent station on June 7, 2013. Some of the employees are to be taken over by Australia Network , the international television service operated by the Australian public broadcaster Australian Broadcasting Corporation . The radio program itself is, however, continued with a different program schedule. After the change of government, both Australia Network and Radio Australia are now available . In May 2014, the Australian government terminated the contract to finance the television channel after a commission it had set up recommended that it be dissolved. The convergence of the media also make public broadcasting altogether superfluous.


The programs produced by RA are primarily aimed at audiences in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region, but can also be received in other parts of the world. Another target group are listeners in the Australian outback .

The program consists mostly of news. But magazines ("Breakfast Club") are also produced in-house. Some broadcasts are taken over by the domestic service, especially by ABC Radio National.


Radio Australia can be received via satellite and on the Internet. In the Asia-Pacific region, the program is also being adopted locally by some relay stations.

Distribution via shortwave ended on 31 January 2017 at 12 am local time.

Up until 2015 there were two live streams on the Internet that broadcast different programs, one for the Asian region and one for the Pacific. There were also programs from Radio Australia on the World Radio Network . RA therefore expressly described himself as an international radio and online service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( "international radio and online service of the Australian national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation").

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