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Tank Cruiser Ram Mk II
Ram in a Canadian Military Museum (2005)

Ram in a Canadian Military Museum (2005)

General properties
crew 5
length 5.79 m
width 2.78 m
height 2.47 m
Dimensions 29 tons
Armor and armament
Main armament a 40mm cannon or 57mm cannon
Secondary armament 2-3 Browning M1919 machine guns
drive Wright Continental R-975
295 kW (400 PS)
Top speed 40 km / h
Power / weight 10.1 kW / t (13.8 PS / t)
Range 230 km
Ram Mark I.

The Ram was a Canadian tank used in World War II . It was a Canadian implementation of the cruiser tank concept.

Since Canada was the only Commonwealth country besides Great Britain with enough heavy industry for the mass production of war material, technicians and designers were soon working here on a heavy tank based on the M3 Lee / Grant tank.

As a result, the first tank cruiser Ram Mk I with a 40 mm cannon rolled out of the Montreal locomotive works in 1941 . This was quite similar to the M4 Sherman. Nevertheless, at the end of 1941, production of the further developed Ram Mk II started . Due to the availability of the Sherman, the Ram did not take part in any combat. However, it was further developed and served as a basis , for example, for the Sexton self-propelled gun and the Ram Kangaroo personnel carrier .

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