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A red band trailer is a trailer that is produced for films that are not approved for children or adolescents according to the age rating of the United States and that contain explicit depictions of violence .


Red band trailers are usually only produced for films where the studio knows from the outset that the film will not be approved for young people in order to reach fans and friends of the splatter in particular . Red band trailers may only be released in cinemas for films that are not approved for young people.


While only 30 films with red band trailers were advertised online between 2000 and 2006, the number rose to 79 in 2009 alone. The reason for this growth is that the trailers are proving to be very popular, especially among younger audience groups.

Since many US cinema chains refuse to publish red band trailers, even for films that have not been approved for young people, online portals such as MySpace have openly welcomed and supported the inclusion of these trailers.

Green band trailer

In contrast to red band trailers, a green band trailer is released for children and young people of all ages and is therefore comparable to the German cinema trailer ( FSK 12). Green band trailers are produced to reach the masses.

Yellow band trailer

Yellow-band trailer there is only since 2007. They are intended as a trailer rating only to the Internet audience and thus are no cinema Certificate (ger .: only for age-appropriate internet users to dt .: Only for age-appropriate Internet users).


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) expressly points out that there is nothing wrong with presenting red band trailers to the right audience (adults), but the film industry would target young viewers with the inclusion of these trailers, especially on countless youth portals aim. In these there are only insufficient age controls. The FTC's investigation continues. Thus, the issue is under observation by the US federal agency.

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