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Outdoor swimming pool at the town and country resort in San Diego
Some resorts are on their own island ( Maldives )
Entrance to a resort in Egypt

A resort is a tourist hotel complex with an offer that goes beyond the accommodation business . Resorts can be found both in the price-conscious mass tourism sector and in upscale tourism (e.g. in the 5-star category , which is also called residence there). In addition to the hotel business, villas of different standards are often offered in resorts .


Resorts usually have extensive sports, garden, dining and leisure facilities. There are resorts, among others, with a focus on beach holiday, amusement park (eg. Walt Disney World Resort ), sports (eg. Diving - golf - or ski -resort) or health (eg. Spa - or spa - Resort).


In many holiday areas, resorts are closed and guarded facilities with access control . This is intended to offer guests a safe world away from the often poorer population or the dangerous outside world. All inclusive has been widespread since the 1990s , i. H. the guests only have to pay extra for special services such as excursions and courses.

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