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The Rheumatology (from the Greek rheumatism : ancient Greek ῥεῦμα rheumatic , German, flow ',' flow ',' flow ') is a specialization of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and therapy mostly chronic diseases from the rheumatic conditions employed. Around 400 diseases are now included. A distinction is made between chronic degenerative diseases such as arthrosis , which are usually treated by orthopedists or orthopedists with an additional qualification in rheumatology, and chronic inflammatory diseases, which are treated by internists or internists with an additional qualification in rheumatology.

The causes of non-inflammatory rheumatic diseases are mostly aging, wear and tear or injuries. Most inflammatory rheumatic diseases are autoimmune diseases . The collective term "rheumatism" used earlier does not refer to a disease of a specific cause.

Orthopedic rheumatology deals with the treatment of the effects of rheumatic diseases on the musculoskeletal system .


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