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The secretary (in Switzerland: actuary , clerk or secretary ) is the person who draws up (“keeps”) and “notarizes” the minutes of a meeting , conference or assembly (such as an association ) . It is either chosen for a certain period of time or for just one session. Often the secretary is also responsible for keeping the list of speakers. The statutes ( statutes or rules of procedure ) can also assign other tasks to him, e.g. B. responsibility for correspondence with other departments or with outsiders.

In the German Bundestag , secretaries are responsible for supporting the President of the Bundestag . They have to read out the documents, certify the negotiations, keep the lists of speakers, call up the names, collect and count the ballot papers, supervise the correction of the plenary minutes and take care of other Bundestag matters according to the instructions of the President (Section 9 of Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag - BTGO 1980).

In the Evangelical Church of Bremen , secretaries and deputy secretaries are the official titles for those pastors who are the theological representatives and spokespersons of the church. The office is only partially similar to that of a bishop , regional bishop , president or regional superintendent of other Protestant regional churches, since the Bremen Evangelical Church does not have a classic hierarchical church leadership and thus the office of a leading clergyman.

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