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ScientificCommons was a search engine project of the Institute for Media and Communication Management at the University of St. Gallen with the aim of making freely accessible scientific results widely accessible to the public. The search engine has since been discontinued.

More than 35 million publications from around 1,200 document servers and more than eight million authors (as of May 2010) from all scientific areas could be found using the search engine .

ScientificCommons recorded both metadata (according to the OAI standard; OAI: Open Archives Initiative) and full texts . The similar search engines OAIster and the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine , on the other hand, only record the metadata of the documents.

The medium-term goal was to build one of the largest communication media for scientific results and products. The focus here should be on creating a powerful, distributed and scalable architecture that should structure access to knowledge and thus significantly simplify it.

ScientificCommons' goals included:

  • Scientific article localization
  • Identification of authors
  • Allocation of scientific publications to the respective authors
  • Indexing of metadata and full texts (PDF, Powerpoint, RTF, Word, Postscript)
  • Semantic linking of scientific publications based on ontologies
  • Personalization options for those looking for information on new publications
  • Upload new publications directly to ScientficCommons and assign existing publications to your own researcher profile.

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