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OAIster is a search engine of the University of Michigan , with the metadata from different repositories can be searched. The data sets are collected and merged via an aggregator using the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) . The so-called OAI Service Provider can thus also be described as a virtual union catalog for document servers. With 18 million records from over 1020 servers (as of October 11, 2008), OAIster is one of the most important search engines for open access content.

The University of Michigan has been working with OCLC since January 2009 to ensure long-term operation . The collection of metadata was also handed over to OCLC in the course of the year. On October 30th, the University of Michigan and OCLC announced that the handover of the database had now been completed. The bibliographic data collected in OAIster was temporarily only found via the WorldCat operated by OCLC . OCLC was working on a stand-alone access for OAister, which was implemented in January 2010.

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