Seiler oscillator

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Seiler oscillator circuit diagram with triode .

The Seiler oscillator , also known as the Seiler circuit , is an electronic circuit for generating a periodic alternating voltage ( sinusoidal oscillation ). The circuit was published in 1941 by EO Seiler.

The Seiler oscillator is a variant of the Clapp oscillator which in turn is a variant of the Colpitts oscillator . The Colpitts circuit is the original capacitive delta circuit and contains an inductance and two capacitors as frequency-determining components. The Clapp circuit divides the inductance into a series circuit of capacitor and inductance. The Seiler circuit contains another capacitor in parallel with the inductance. With the Clapp the variable capacitor is in series with the inductance, with the Seiler the variable capacitor is parallel with the inductance.

In the block diagram opposite, the components C g , C a and the inductance belong to the Colpitts circuit. In the Clapp variant, component C v is added and in the Seiler variant, component C o is added .


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