Self-hook assembly

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The self- hook assembly (also called fixed lead assembly or bolt rig ) is an assembly of several components whose special type of stringing is tailored to the bite behavior of certain fish and is used when fishing with bait on the bottom. When fishing with this assembly, the fish hooks itself. When picking up the bait, he cannot avoid lifting the lead. The hook sticks into the mouth due to the weight of the lead. The puncture triggers an escape reflex which fixes the hook in the mouth and which can be clearly perceived on the fishing rod.

The use of special self-hook assemblies is known, especially for carp , pikeperch and eel-like . An example is the type that is used in carp fishing and is structured as follows: The assembly consists of a silicone hose that is approx. 30 cm long and at the end of which the lead of 60 g - 120 g is attached. The hose lead is pulled onto the main line and a swivel is knotted at the end of the line . The hose is pushed onto the vertebra so that the lead is firmly in place. The leader attached to the swivel. The leader length is normally between 15 cm and 20 cm, although the length can vary in case of missed bites. Usually the leader is shorter than the hose, otherwise it can get tangled.


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