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Service specialist at work in a call center

Service specialist for dialogue marketing (SDM for short) is a training occupation recognized under the Vocational Training Act (BBiG), which was newly introduced on August 1, 2006. The service specialists are deployed in call centers .


Service specialists for dialogue marketing advise, win, support and retain customers in service, call and contact centers for different clients. They process orders, inquiries and complaints or sell products and services. In addition, they can also work for larger industrial, trading and service companies from all sectors in their service and customer centers or in other dialog-oriented organizational units.

duration of training

The training period for the service specialist for dialogue marketing is two years. If you want to become a businessman for dialogue marketing (in short: KDM), you first learn SDM for two years and then complete another year, making the training period a total of three years.

The call center agent , on the other hand, is a training activity that can be carried out after an average of 12 to 16 weeks with or without an IHK examination. SDM are recruited on the one hand from the call center agents, on the other hand as direct initial training.

Training content

The service specialists are trained in the call centers themselves. You will learn how to offer and sell products and services, how to talk to and deal with customers, as well as their wants and needs. This includes creating offers and presenting them appropriately so that the campaign is also successful. Furthermore, it is part of the professional field of SDM to develop and produce statistical evaluations of products and services sold, employees or the number of complaints, etc. The SDM also learns how to plan, coordinate, and manage campaigns to achieve maximum success. This includes basic commercial knowledge, in-depth knowledge and skills in telecommunications and information technology, as well as knowledge of legal, data protection and security regulations.


A written intermediate examination is carried out at the beginning of the second year of training. The final exam consists of three written parts and a practical part.

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