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Performing sit-ups

The terms trunk flexion , trunk lifting or erection are understood to mean a training exercise in which one raises the upper body from lying down. The English term sit-up is sometimes used.


The exercise is intended to train the abdominal muscles , but is now considered to be unfavorable because the psoas major muscle is targeted more strongly than the target muscles and this muscle is already too shortened in most people.

A better alternative to crunches , often called crunches referred, recommended because they are much more gentle and non-hazardous execute. Damage to the spine is avoided.

Muscle building exercises such as sit-ups cannot work off excess weight, which is why abdominal training alone does not produce a flat stomach. If necessary, a calorie deficit is particularly necessary for weight reduction.


With weight plate
With training partner

The athlete lies on his back, his hands are either crossed on his chest or folded behind his head and the legs are bent so that the knees are approximately 90 °. Now the upper body is raised until only the buttocks touch the floor and the elbows almost reach the thighs. For this movement it is often necessary to keep the feet z. B. to be fixed by a training partner. This exercise can be made more difficult e.g. B. by performing on an incline bench or with the legs in an elevated position and by using weight plates that can be lifted on the chest or behind the head.

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