Welfare abuse

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Abuse of social assistance in Switzerland refers to the unlawful receipt of legally regulated social benefits ( social assistance (Switzerland) ) intended for people in need.

If someone has received social assistance benefits unlawfully or has not used them correctly, they must reimburse them if there is no case of hardship. In particular, if someone works and earns money while receiving social assistance, he must declare this income to the social assistance authority; so the services can be adjusted. In the event of misconduct, the recipient of social assistance can be reported for fraud . However, according to the Criminal Code, this presupposes so-called malice .

In Switzerland, the term social welfare abuse also appears as a political catchphrase . The use of private detectives to uncover abuses of social assistance is controversial .

The federal popular initiative for the deportation of criminal foreigners ( deportation initiative ) , launched by the Swiss People's Party in 2007 and approved by the electorate in 2010 , means that from November 28, 2010 foreigners will be deported if, among other things, they have "improperly received social security or social assistance benefits ".



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