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Spare ribs with size comparison

Sparerib is the English word for peeled ribs and in the original sense only refers to the ribs from the pork belly . Together with pulled pork and beef brisket the spare ribs form the Holy Trinity ( "Holy Trinity") of the barbecue according to North American model.

Types and cutting

Baby back ribs

According to common usage, three types of spare ribs can be distinguished from one another: Baby back ribs , also known as loin ribs , the so-called St. Louis Cut and the classic spare ribs .

The baby back ribs are not actually spare ribs , but they are often referred to as such. Rather, baby back ribs are the rib bones from the cutlet cut ( loin ribs) between the back and stomach. These ribs are regionally called ladder in Germany. They are usually more tender and meaty (depending on the cut) and shorter than the spare ribs .

The St. Louis Cut ribs come from the pig's belly. In the rough cut, the ribs still contain the cartilage part of the pork belly, called the rib tip in the American way . The St. Louis Cut requires severing the rib tips and removing the thin rib tip. The meat of the ribs according to the St. Louis Cut is longer-grained and therefore more firm to the bite than that of the baby back ribs. Due to its origin from the belly part of the pig, this cut also contains significantly more fat and connective tissue than the cutlet ribs.

The Spareribs is the raw cut the ribs from the belly of pork with the cartilage part (Rib Tip) .


According to the North American recipes, the ribs are usually first freed from the silver skin and rubbed with a dry mixture of spices (rub) . Immediately afterwards or after a certain marinating time , they are slowly cooked at low temperature (100–130 ° Celsius) for 4 to 6 hours in the barbecue smoker , in the grill with indirect heat or in the oven . The ribs are then either coated with barbecue sauce (wet ribs) or eaten pure (dry ribs) .

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