Peel ribs

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Iberian peel ribs

Peeled ribs (also ribs or ladder ) are specially cut pieces of pork .

Since pork belly is often undesirably fatty on the inside (on the chop or ribs ), it is broken down into parts according to the desired use. There are two different cutting techniques:

  • The 10 cm wide strip is cut lengthways on the pork belly. The rind is first removed from this strip . Then the bacon or fat is separated from the ribs.
  • The ribs are completely separated from the rind and bacon or fat.

Cured peeled ribs are soaked in brine for 12 to 24 hours during brief curing .

In Germany peeled ribs are often cooked or braised in stews.

Variants from other countries

  • Schälrippchen be in the US kitchen Spareribs called and are typically part of the barbecues .
  • Peeled ribs are also popular in Chinese cuisine , where they are divided into three to four ribs before preparation and called páigǔ ( Chinese 排骨 ). In southern China's Cantonese cuisine , for example, there is a popular dish called “ ribs with black soybeans ” ( 豉 汁 排骨 , chǐzhī páigǔ , Jyutping si 6 zap 1 paai 4 gwat 1 ) which can also be served as dimsum .
  • In County Cork , Ireland , peeled ribs are cooked and served with potatoes and turnips.
  • In Korea, a modification of the peeled ribs is known under the name Galbi ( kor. 갈비 ).
  • In the Netherlands 'krabbetjes' are known, they are often cooked in soup 'Erwtensoep'.


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