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Stagnation (from Latin stagnatio , fluid build-up (in the body), which was transferred from the original medical meaning to any form of standstill in the 18th century) means in common usage that a certain variable does not experience any growth. The term is used primarily in economics , sports science , medicine , psychology , biology and physics, as well as in the humanities .

In the economy , stagnation is a term for a state in which economic development comes to a standstill.

In solar thermal energy , the term refers to the standstill of the heat transfer medium, which occurs when the liquid evaporates due to overheating of the solar collectors .

During the installation of drinking water pipes within buildings, the aim is to avoid a prolonged stagnation of water in the pipe, since at temperatures between 20 and 50 ° C, a multiplication of legionella bacteria takes place.

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