Standard Dimension Ratio

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Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR) is a key figure commonly used to classify PE , PP and other plastic pipes , which shows the ratio between the outer diameter and the wall thickness of a pipe:

Outer pipe diameter:

Pipe wall thickness: s

The SDR number is used to indicate the pressure resistance; to ensure a certain pressure resistance, a certain SDR number is necessary depending on the type of material. The following applies:

The greater the wall thickness, the smaller the SDR number and the more pressure-resistant the pipe.

The following SDR numbers are common:

  • SDR 5 (corresponds to pipe series S2, PN40 for PE 100 )
  • SDR 7.4 (corresponds to pipe series S3.2, PN25 for PE 100)
  • SDR 11 (corresponds to pipe series S5, PN16 for PE 100)
  • SDR 13.6 (corresponds to pipe series S6.3, PN12.5 for PE 100)
  • SDR 17 (corresponds to pipe series S8, PN10 for PE 100)
  • SDR 17.6
  • SDR 26 (corresponds to pipe series S12.5, PN4 for PE 100)
  • SDR 33

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