Machuim stone circle

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The Machuim stone circle (also called Lawer's Mill) is located on a 1.0 m high hill about 10.0 m in diameter, southwest of Fearnan, near the A827 and Loch Tay in Perth and Kinross in Scotland . Frederick Rhenius Coles (1854–1929) and A. Burl call the stone circle Machuinn, while Richard Feachem calls it Machulm and John Farquharson (1699–1782) in 1769 chose the shape Mahuaim.

The circle consists of six massive stones on an oval circle of about 6.7 by 5.8 m in diameter. The remnants of the stone circle consist of four upright stones, slightly stepped in height, and two partially buried. The largest stone in the southwest is 1.5 m high, 1.4 m wide and 0.5 m thick. The smallest in the northeast is 1.0 m high. There are small boulders in the hill. The structural sequence of stone circle and hill is unclear. The stone circle appears to have been erected on an earlier cairn , the surface of which is partially covered by reading stones . The circle used to be thought to consist of seven large erratic boulders set around the top of the cairn. All of them present their broad, more even surfaces to the outside. A stone is a wide band of quartz and two stones with bowls ( English cups decorated). One also has two flat bowls on the outside with a diameter of 30 mm and one on the inside with a diameter of 50 mm. The other has a flat bowl with a diameter of 45 mm and two other possible ones on its inside.


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Coordinates: 56 ° 32 '5.5 "  N , 4 ° 8" 40.8 "  W.