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Stylized mill wheel under the monogram of the poster artist Paul Kammüller

A stylization is the adaptation of a shape or representation to a certain style or the (often step-by-step) abstracting reduction of a detailed or lifelike template (e.g. drawing ) to a simple pattern with high recognition value and easy reproducibility (compare also: model ) Roger that. Every well-known example is the stylization of a flying bird into two curved lines that collide in the middle, or the game "Point, point, comma, line - the face of the moon is done ".

Historically important stylizations are z. B. crest character and shaping of Greek columns . Nowadays, stylization is an important technique in the development of company logos and information signs, such as traffic signs in road traffic or pictograms . Entertainment value has z. B. the smiley as an extreme stylization of a smiling face.

As the opposite of stylization in the visual arts can naturalism or photorealism be cited.

The word has a negative connotation in connection with the so-called “high stylization”, which describes a deliberately beautifully colored stylization on an unrealistically simple / good / high level. These are usually not graphical, but verbal - i.e. linguistic - representations of facts.

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