Penal Enforcement Chamber

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In Germany, penal enforcement chambers are special arbitration bodies that are formed by the regional courts , provided that penal institutions or other institutions for adults are located in their district , in which prison sentences or custodial measures for reform and security are carried out ( Section 78a GVG ).


The Penal Enforcement Chambers make the decisions referred to in § 462a , § 463 StPO in the context of the execution of sentences, insofar as a prison sentence or a measure of reform and security is enforced against the convicted person, in particular on the possible suspension of the remainder of a prison sentence on probation.

They also decide on matters relating to the execution of sentences , in particular on complaints against the institution ( Section 109 StVollzG ).


In proceedings on the suspension of the remainder of a life sentence, placement in a psychiatric hospital or preventive detention, the penal enforcement chambers make decisions with three professional judges including the chairman ( Section 78b (1) No. 1 GVG), in all other cases by the Single judge ( Section 78b (1) No. 2 GVG).

The presidium of the regional court can also appoint members of the local courts located in the regional court district as judges in the penal enforcement chamber ( Section 78b (2) GVG).